Many of the sites listed here publish useful and important information. However, it is not possible for to monitor these sites and we do not  necessarily endorse their contents or politics. Note only sites with substantial English content have been listed. Updated June  2005.

Key Sites

Human Rights & Justice
(see also ETAN's Human Rights & Accountability page)

Humanitarian Relief, Reconstruction and Development (agencies)

  • Lao Hamutuk International Financial Institutions index
  • Asian Development Bank
  • IMF
  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees - Timor search 
  • UNDP; also Search United Nations Development Program site for more on East Timor
  • UNICEF - East Timor; also USA Fund for UNICEF
  • UN Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) - East Timor
  • UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)
  • UNIFEM and East Timor
  • World Bank and East Timor
  • World Health Organization - Timor-Leste, Current Emergencies - East Timor
  • World Food Program - Timor
    • Other  Agencies Active in East and/or West  Timor
  • Directory of  International NGOs in East Timor Ai-Kameli Trust (UK) ALRI -
  • Australian Legal Resources International Asia Foundation Asia-Pacific
  • Development Information Programme (APDIP) - building internet connections
  • Artist without Borders (Japan)
  • Asia Pacific Support Collective  (supporting grassroots initiatives in E Timor
  • Australian Council for International Development (ACFID was ACFOA) - Links to agencies in  East Timor
  • Australian Centre for Int'l Agricultural Research
  • CAFOD (UK)
  • Carmelite Mission Support Groups
  • CARE: Info Center: Special Reports: East Timor
  • Caritas Australia; Caritas Dili
  • Christian Children's Fund
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Concern Worldwide USA
  • Dusseldorp Skills Forum
  • East Timor Education Fund (Australia)
  • Emmanuel Covenant Community
  • Family Health International (FHI)
  • Hawaii Forestry Extension
  • Health Alliance International
  • Interaction International Catholic Migration Commission
  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • International Republican Institute
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Internews Timor-Leste Jesuit Relief Service Timor Update
  • Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies
  • Mercy Corps International
  • MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in East Timor (also do search)
  • Maritime Union of Australia Supports Trade Unions in East Timor
  • National Democratic Institute
  • Oxfam GB
  • PALMS Australia
  • PeaceJam Educational Relief for ET
  • PLAN
  • Project Timor (Australia)
  • Ryder-Cheshire Foundation
  • East Timor Sunrise (Australia)
  • St. Bakhita Centre/Leeuwin Care
  • Trocaire (Ireland)
  • Taibesi Centre
  • Global Connections: East Timor (General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church)
  • Uniting Church Overseas Aid: Food Security Program; Also Uniting International Mission East Timor page
  • UNTL Library Project
  • USC Canada East Timor page
  • United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) in East Timor
  • WorldVision IndoKit
  • Refugees

  • Lao Hamutuk refugees index
  • U.S. Committee for Refugees: World Refugee Survey 2004; 2003: 2002, 2001; see also Indonesia page
  • The Refugee Crisis and Accountability: Observations and Analysis of a Fact-Finding Mission to the East Timorese Refugee Camps in West Timor, by Karen Orenstein, East Timor Action Network
  • IDPs in Indonesia & East Timor (Norwegian Refugee Council)
  • Briefing Paper on East Timorese Refugees in West Timor (ETISC)
  • Evaluation of UNHCR’s repatriation and reintegration programme in East Timor, 1999-2003
  • Forced Expulsions to West Timor and the Refugee Crisis (Human Rights Watch)
  • Independence Deferred (fr. Refugees Magazine) 
  • International Organization for Migration
  • Joint appeal: Solutions for East Timorese refugees Jan - Dec 2002
  • Peace Brigades International (PBI) Indonesia/East Timor Project
  • ReliefWeb on West Timor
  • West Timor
  • East Timor: The refugee crisis continues (Amnesty International)
  • East Timorese Groups

  • Directory of East Timorese NGOs
  • National  Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT),  History
  • East Timor Home Page - ETRA
  • East Timor NGO Forum
  • FRETILIN Melbourne (archive)
  • Timor Institute of Development Studies (TIDS)
  • To Resist Is to Win (Xanana) archived website
  • UDT Timor - Timorese Democratic Union
  • Support Groups

  • Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific  (Australia)
  • Agir Pour Timor - covers some press in French, English and Portuguese
  • Anna Wearne Trust
  • APHEDA (Australian trade union aid abroad) E. Timor page 
  • Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) 
  • Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace (archive)
  • Backdoor- Canberra, Australia-based action- oriented electronic newsletter
  • British Coalition for East Timor (archive)
  • CAFIET - Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor Catholic Institute for International Relations
  • CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development)
  • ETAN's Arizona chapter
  • ETAN's San Francisco chapter
  • ETAN's Seattle chapter
  • East Timor Alert Network Canada 
  • East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign
  • East Timor Scotland Support Group
  • Free East Timor Coalition (New Zealand)
  • Free Timor Coalition Campaign (Australia)
  • The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
  • International Platform of Jurists for East Timor
  • Labor union support
  • Letters from East Timor (David Owen)
  • Madison, Wisconsin Support Groups: ETAN, Madison-Ainaro Sister-City Alliance (MASA) and Medical Aid for East Timor
  • Melbourne East Timor Campaign
  • National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference
  • Pacific Concerns Resource Centre
  • Peace Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • "Remember the Dili Massacre", State Dept., Washington DC 11.12.98 
  • SOS Timor (Belgium)
  • Solidamor - Indonesian East Timor Solidarity Group (English and Bahasa)
  • Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) Malaysian human rights Groups
  • Tapol (Indonesia Human Rights) Home Page 
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Indonesia and East Timor: The Ecumenical Response (World Council of Churches)
  • Businesses in East Timor

    Building the East Timor Administration

    Government Sites 

  • AusAID - East Timor Crisis (Australia); East Timor Community Assistance
  • Australian Defence Support to TImor-Leste
  • Parliamentary Library (Australia)
  • Indonesian Mission to the UN- East Timor press releases 
  • Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs - What's New; East Timor section
  • East Timor News via Indonesian Embassy to Canada
  • Australian Peacekeepers in East Timor, see also InterFET; Australian War Memorial sites
  • Northern Territory (Australia) and the Reconstruction of East Timor
  • European Union & East Timor
  • Ireland: Development Cooperation, Dept of Foreign Affairs
  • Japan: East Timor Situation
  • New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Country Paper
  • Portugal's Mission to the United Nations - Timor Docs
  • Portugal's Embassy in East Timor (Portuguese only)
  • Foreign Office Country Background;  (British Government); DFID: Country Information
  • U.S. Dept of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)
  • U.S. Agency for Int'l Development in E Timor. AID's Overview
  • U.S. Peace Corps
  • U.S. Dept. of State - IIP: U.S. Support for East Timor
  • Mauritius Government information website
  • Oman Sultanate information website
  • Namibia Government information website
  • Bulgaria Government information website
  • Kazakhstan Government information website
  • Romania Government information website
  • South Korea Government information website
  • Bahrain Government information website
  • Turkmenistan Map information website
  • News Sites

      Fact Sheets

    Additional Background

    Culture and History

    Development, Health, Reconstruction, Humanitarian & Related Issues



    Maps, Illustrations and Photos (please note many other sites listed here contain photos & maps)

    Media Matters

    UN Organized Vote and Aftermath (1999- Note a number of the sites above also focus on this period)

    Independence Coverage (May 2002)


    And More Background

    Discussion and News Lists

    Indonesian Struggles

    Arms Trade and Military Training



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    RTL-Radio Timor Leste - Dili (Dili) public
    Radio Rakambia - Dili (Dili) community
    Radio Lorico Lian - Dili (Dili)
    Antena 1 (RDP)|r.[R-Port] - Dili (Dili)
    RDP Internacional|r.[R-Lisboa] - Dili (Dili) LISTEN ONLINE
    Radio Australia|r.[R-Aust] - Dili (Dili) news/info, 24h English

    East Timor


    Radio Communidade Maliana - Maliana (Bobonaro) community
    Radio Communidade Tokodede - Liquica (Liquiça) community
    Radio Atoni Lifau - Oecusse community
    RDP Internacional|r.[R-Lisboa] - Baucau (Baucau) LISTEN ONLINE
    Radio Communidade Lian 1912 - Same (Manufahi) community
    Radio Communidade Ili Uai - Manatuto (Manatuto) LISTEN ONLINE
    Radio Rai Husar - Aileu (Aileu) community LISTEN ONLINE
    Radio Povu - Viqueque (Viqueque) community
    Radio Lian Tatamailau - Ainaro (Ainaro) community
    Radio Communidade Lian Metebian - Baucau (Baucau) community
    RCL-Radio Communidade Los Palos - Los Palos (Lautem) community



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